Amutiya Suggestions


Face, doubtlessly is the part that women pay the most attention in the body since the face is the organ that always draws direct attention at first glance. Lips, one of the most important supplementary components of face beauty, should be beautiful as it is extremely important to complete the unity of face.

Lips have a natural protective coat, however the external factors would normally make that layer thinner, creating dry and chapped lips. It is a fact that the lips always get dry since our lips lack of fat and perspiratory glands. Environmental agents such as dry air in winter and thirstquenching result in dry, chapped lips.

On the other hand, it is a bit different in summers . As we go into the summer, sunlights become extremely powerful on the body. The worst effect of sunlight is probably the early aging. As the outer coat of lips gets thinner, harmful sunlights go deeper in the lips, which further means that our lips get negatively affected. To avoid this, you must especially check the SPF (degree of protection) of the lip products you would get for protection and frequently apply such products on. It is strongly advised that you apply a moisturizer or a protective item especially before you go out. Please make sure that the products you would use contain Vitamin E, which secures your lips.

Apply Lipstick

Apply lip balm, primer, or sealer. This will help make all lip products applied last longer and much more vibrant.

Line your lips with a liner that matches your lip color. Make sure your lip liner pencil is sharpened, but not too sharp. Line around the natural line of your lips. Trying to create a fuller lip by dragging the lip pencil outside your lip line is for professionals. Usually it makes you look like you're just plain bad at applying makeup. After applying your lip pencil to your lip line, rub your lips together so the lip pencil color spreads inside your lips.

Apply lipstick or lip gloss with a brush. It will spread it evenly. It's a good idea to brush your lip brush in your lipstick, then some of your lip gloss for a nice light shine. Blot your freshly painted lips lightly with a tissue. This will make it last longer.