Amutiya Suggestions


Set your LOOKS on Perfect Eyes !!!

Since eyes are so expressive, they deserve some serious window treatment. Creat custom looks with the three essentials for supreme style: shadow, liner and mascara. Express your dramatic edge or bring out your natural beauty with colour, definition and lush lashes.

Apply Eye Makeup

Line your eyes. Line it with a brown or soft black liner. For a more appealing look, apply liner with very light strokes to the upper lid, stroking toward the outer corner of the eye. To blend, use an angle brush. For a more natural look, dip the angle brush in some of your darker eyeshadow. Use a very light amount, or use the applicator tip. For the bottom lid, use a very light amount on the outer corner.

Put on the eyeshadow. Most eye colors come with two or three colors on the palette. The lighter color is for the lid. The darker color is for the crease on the lid, just below the eye bone. Apply the lighter tone first to the lid, spreading upwards to near the crease. For this, use the applicator that came inside the package. For the darker color, using your eyeshadow brush, dip into eye color and tap the brush to lose the excess. Apply inside the crease of the eye. You can find the crease by looking straight ahead. Your eye makes its own crease. Blend the color toward the outer corner of your eye. Sometimes you can blend it around to the bottom lid, but very lightly. The lightest color is for under the brow bone. Use the applicator to apply right on the brow bone just under the brow line. Make sure to use the larger eyeshadow brush to blend all the colors.

Use eyebrow pencil color that is very close to your natural eyebrow color. Here you just want to fill in missing areas. (It might behoove you to visit a makeup person that can arch your eyebrows correctly. If you've never done it yourself, have someone do it for you.) Your eyebrow should look very natural. If you do apply eyebrow pencil to any part of your eyebrow, use the angled brush to blend it into your brow with very light strokes.

Use a lash curler before applying any mascara. There are several mascaras to choose from depending on the look you want. If you have short lashes, use a mascara that will add length; if you have thin lashes, use a volumizing mascara. Never pump your mascara brush in and out of the mascara. This causes air pockets. Dip the brush in the mascara once and lightly wipe off the excess onto a paper towel. Looking downward, apply to the top lash with upward strokes. Start with the inner part and work your way outward. Do both eyes with two coats, then let dry. After a few seconds, do the bottom lids. It's better to apply to the very outer part of the lash on the bottom lid. This will open your eye more. An inexpensive way to curl your eye lashes is to take the brush from an older mascara, and use it, after you've washed most of the mascara off.